ژوئن 13, 2022
ژوئن 13, 2022

دستگاه REGIUS MODEL 110 HQ

• بالاترین دقت در خواندن تصاویر
43.75µm • قابلیت خواندن 77 کاست 14×17 در ساعت
• پشتیبانی از دستگاه ماموگرافی
• دارای کنسول نرم افزاری فوق پیشرفته
• کنسول مجهز به پردازش تصویر REALISM
• کنسول مجهز به پردازش بافت سخت و نرم
• قابلیت ارتباط با سیستم PACS
• کاربری آسان و سریع
• کم حجم


Despite its slim body, this single-slot CR supports fast processing and mammography image reading. It can serve as a mammography-only CR, or a general CR for a mid-range facility. Powerful a Single-slot Reader (77 plates /h) High resolution 43.75 μm for Mammography Slim body, Layout Flexibility (Two-way Installation) Touchless cassette reading Easy maintenance • کم حجم

Slim & Powerful a Single-slot Reader

Despite being a small single-slot CR with a footprint of 0.27 m2, it is capable of high-speed processing, up to 77 plates/hour (14"×17" size) with a cassette feeding/loading time of 47 seconds (14"×17" size), contributing to quicker and more efficient X-ray examinations.

High resolution 43.75 μm for Mammography

In mammography, the smallest reading pixel size of 43.75 μm in its class is supported. The machine provides the high-definition mammography images of a high-end machine when dedicated mammography plates are used. It can be used as a mid-range machine that also handles mammography, or as a dedicated machine for mammography.

Touchless cassette reading, Easy maintenance

A non-contact plate feeding/reading mechanism is adopted to prevent deterioration of the plate surface due to feeding. Also, since the reader is itself as easy to maintain as a copier, you can handle cassette jams immediately, even if they occur while reading the cassette, to minimize downtime.