Tapak Company

Iran Kala Medical Supplies

is the official representative of several leading companies in the field of imaging, including KONICA MINOLTA (Japan), Medecom (France) and C&L (Korea) in Iran, which aims to improve the country's health sector and provide the latest technology in the world. He is active in the service of the respected medical community of the country.
Obtaining the certification of ISO 9001 standard quality management system in 2008 and annual upgrade and continuous updating of quality management principles based on the principle of "customer orientation" and gaining users' satisfaction by having special facilities and spare parts for devices and establishing after-sales service organization from Other honors of this collection have been.
Currently, the company is responsible for providing services to more than 1,000 medical centers, including private clinics and hospitals, university centers, etc. throughout the country, in the form of regular and scheduled services.