ژوئن 10, 2022
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ژوئن 10, 2022


DR/CR console software developed for use by radiologists. It offers multi-functionality, customizability, and user-friendly operation
Integrated control station for DR and CR Settings customized for use in hospitals Realism processing Rich image processing functions that support medical examinations Various optional functions to support hospital workflow

Integrated control station

DR/CR console software that assists radiologists with various functions, and a simple workflow. DR and CR can be controlled from one console, enabling patient registration and image confirmation with a unified GUI. Also provides system linkage functions necessary for examinations, including linkage with X-ray devices and connection with RIS/PACS.

Versatile functions that support examinations

The “Intelligent Grid” scattered X-ray correction processing system enables Grid-less radiography, and preset functions highlight and edit an image to make it easier to see the catheter tip position during surgery and the residual gauze after surgery. There are numerous functions to support radiologists, contributing to the realization of higher-quality radiography.

Tube and gauze image enhancement

With Grid

With Intelligent Grid

No Grid