About Us

About Us

Tepak Company was established In 1990, and the sole agent of KONICA MINOLTA MEDICAL & GRAPHIC Inc. for healthcare devices In Iran. TEPAK is concentrated on presenting the quality and efficiency of KONICA MINOLTA high performance X-ray diagnostic imaging. Promoting the users' knowledge and quality level of imaging systems in IRAN, TEPAK offers the latest technology and highest quality of KONICA MINOLTA Computed Radiography (CR) and Digital Radiography (DR) systems in different models. Increasing the efficiency and productivity of the radiology department, Tepak presenting the MEDECOM software packages for PACS solution as a sole agent in Iran. We have a range of software going from high performance processing workstations for CR, DR and digital mammography to visualization images and diagnostic reports through the web server. Tepak achieves the ISO 9001:2008 certificate in 2008 and is giving after sale services to about 800 medical centers all over the Iran following regular and scheduled programs.
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حوزه فعالیت های تپاک

  • سیستم های رادیوگرافی کامپیوتری ( CR )50%
  • پرینترهای لیزری (مختص دستگاههای رادیولوژی دیجیتال-CT اسکن- MRI ورادیولوژی فک و صورت)60%
  • سیستم PACS (شامل ایستگاه تشخیص- سیستم STITCHING و آرشیو تصاویر)60%
  • دستگاههای سونوگرافی پرتابل60%
  • پروسسورهای رادیولوژی60%

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